Dead Weight Testers 0-7000Bar

Models BH1 or BA1 : Accuracy ±0.1%

An idustrial deadweight tester for routine and regular calibration of process sensors and gauges. Rugged design, simple to use to meet the most demanding operations.



  • Hydraulic ranges to 1200 bar
  • Pneumatic ranges to 120 bar
  • Fluid : mineral or synthetic oil depending on model, colourless, compatible with medical or food uses or clean and dry air.
  • Local gravity corrected masses free of charge
  • Set of weights: 25 to 80kg depending on model - weights in stainless steel silk-screened in a choice of pressure units (bar, psi, kPa etc..)
  • Removable capstan
  • Connection: G1/2F (BSP) quick connect


Models BH1 or BA1 : Accuracy ±0.1%
Hydraulic Models
Pneumatic Models