Dead Weight Testers 0-7000Bar

Models BH4 or BA4 : Accuracy to ±0.005%

DSCN0429bA very high performance range of dead weight testers with integrated computer featuring dynamic display of the piston position and precisely calculated pressure corrected for temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity. The computer also features full documentation of the unit under test results with output to Excel format.



  • Hydraulic ranges to 5,000 bar.
  • Pneumatic ranges to 200 bar
  • Fluid : mineral or synthetic oil depending on model, colourless, compatible with medical or food uses or clean and dry air.
  • Local gravity corrected masses free of charge.
  • Set of weights: 25 to 80kg depending on model - weights in stainless steel silk-screened in a choice of pressure units (bar, psi, kPa etc..).
  • Robust piston/cylinder design : single piston or dual piston.
  • Removable capstan.
  • Test connection: G1/2F (BSP) quick connect.


Models BH4 or BA4 : Accuracy to ±0.005%
Hydraulic Models
Pneumatic Models