ADT960 Ultra High Pressure Calibrator




The new Additel 960 Hydraulic Pressure Test Pump is a benchtop pressure pump designed to generate pressure to
60,000 psi (4,200 bar). This pump incorporates a dual-piston system which is ideal for filling large volume workload
with the hand pump and providing smooth increase and decrease of pressure with the high pressure, fine adjust
screw press. The 960 test pump incorporates an isolation valve which isolates the calibration volume from the check
valve associated with the hand pump. Because the check valve can often be a source of leaks and maintenance, the
isolation valve provides more stable measurements and reduces potential maintenance of the pump. The Additel 960
is an ideal comparison test pump for calibrating pressure measuring instruments such as test gauges, indicators or transducers.

ADT960 0-60,000PSI 4200Bar
Data Sheet

  • Generate Ultra-high Pressure
    Generate pressure up to 60,000 psi (4,200 bar)

  • Hand pump to fill large volume systems
  • Durable and Minimal Maintenance
    Isolation valve provides stable pressures while
    reducing maintenance on the hand pump check valve

  • Easy-to-use
    60,000 psi (4,200 bar) can be generated easily with the dual piston system