Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Equipment

High Flow & High Pressure Hydrostatic Testing

MAXIMATOR desgin and manufacture a range of High Flow & High Pressure Hydrostatic Pressure testing systems for applications that need High Flow and High Pressures. It is ideal for large pipeline testing, valves, pressure vessels, reserviors etc.


The GPD range of Hydrostatic Pressures systems come in 9 Standard models. They all feature.


  • MAXIMATOR Hydrostatic Pressure Test Pumps
  • Up to 48 L/min
  • Pressure to 40,000psi
  • Full stainless contruction with laser etched panel
  • Stainless steel air re/filter 
  •  Pump on/off valve
  • Master vent valve
  • Pump Isolation valve
  • E-stop
  • Mobile with wheels


Optional extras:

  • Digital Data Logging
  • Dual pump units
  • Fully enclosed units
  • Relief valve option
  • Automatic pressure setting(up to 20,000psi)
  • Stainless steel filtration

 Contact us for more information or let us size and design a system to suit your requirements. 


High Flow & High Pressure Hydrostatic Testing
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