Maximator H2 non-return check valves have been specially designed for hydrogen filing and testing applications. These check valves use a sealing cone in combination with a soft seal resulting in excellent sealing properties and a long service life.


  • Operating pressures of 22500 psi (1500 bar)
  • Operating temperatures of -80℃ / +200℃
  • Check Valves specially cleaned for use in hydrogen systems to avoid contamination.
  • Designed with specific materials to avoid hydrogen embrittlement.


Hydrogen - Cone Check Valve
Technical Data

Hydrogen Cone Check Valve. 21CC..M-H2

Technical Data:

Operating Temperature: -80 / +200
Valve Body: SST316L (1.4404)
Sealing cone: SST316L (1.4404)
Seal: PEEK


Hydrogen Cone Check Valve pressure to 22,500 psi (1500 bar)

Cone Check Valves Connection Type
21CC4M-H2 4MF
21CC6M-H2 6MF
21CC9M-H2 9MF
21CC12M-H2 12MF
21CC16M-H2 16MF