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Hydrogen - Multi-Functional Dispenser Valve

The Maximator valve is to be used on the release side of the filing hose. The multi-porting is reducing the need for additional connections which is saving space and reducing the risk for leaks.


The stem travel can be adjusted which directly effects the orifice. Hence the vent-down process can be optimised regarding noise emission by adjusting the valve on side.


The outlet check valve which is located downstream towards the vent line (stack) is integrated as well.


  • Reliable normally open needle valve with 3" (75mm) compressed air drive to be used for pressure release of filling in line.
  • Double porting on left hand side eliminates need for Tee fitting
  • Connection for rupture disk
  • Check valve integrated on outlet
  • Adjustable stern travel = adjustable orifice
  • High leak integrity and compact integrated design
  • Low wear because of optional material of construction
  • Weep holes on connections for maximum safety
Hydrogen - Multi-Functional Dispenser Valve
Technical Data

4-Way Actuated H2-Valve for Dispenser Includes Adjustable Stroke and Check Valve

Technical Data:

Operating Temperature: -40℃ / +85℃
Drive Pressure:  58 psi-116 psi (4 bar-8bar)
Operating Pressures 15200 psi (1050 bar)
Net Weight: 2.9 kg
Valve Body: 1.4404
Valve Stem 1.4980
Seal Needle Valve: UHMWPE
Seal Check Valve: Peek
Seal: PEEK
Height: 133 mm
Diameter: 90 mm
Orifice: 2.0 mm
Actuator: 3MNO