• Double acting
  • Single air drive head
  • Pressures to 1,000 bar (14,500 psi)
  • They are suitable for use in zone 1, category 2G/2D IIC TX explosion-proof areas (Temperature class depending on medium temperature).


Examples of application for the MO....D Series hydraulic pumps include:


  • Lifting & Clamping: Hydraulic systems for lifting and shifting loads, lifting tables, aircraft jacking
  • Hydraulic applications: Clamping devices, punching & pin presses, chucks, actuation of cylinders
  • Presses: Cold isostatic presses, filter presses, hydraulic presses, pressure generation for presses and press overload protection
  • Tooling and Tightening: actuating cropping, crimping, cable shears and pipe bending tools, roller tensioning and torque wrenches
  • Lubrication systems

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Oil operation - MO...D Series Pumps
General Information
Technical Data

MO...D pumps are double acting, single air drive head type. They are characterised by the same features as the MO series, but


  • Pumps come standard with side inlet
  • They have less pulsations and deliver approx. 50% more flow than the single acting MO pumps.

Options for MO series


  • Side inlet (for single acting, single air drive head models): Order code: MO37 – S
  • Special inlet and outlet ports (i. e. NPT):MO37(D) – NPT Order code: MO37(D) – NPT
  • Special seal material to handle special fluids: Order code: See fluid compatibility guide
  • Air control unit for MO series with filter pressure regulator, control pressure gauge and shut-off      valve: Order code: MO37(D) with C1
  • Other options available on request.