Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges with bourdon tube, diaphragm and capsule with different case dimensions, connections for liquid and gaseous media.


Product / Models

Relative Pressure Models:

The relative pressure is measured in proportion to the surrounding air pressure. Then a surrounding air pressure corresponds to 0 in cash. Is the pressure which is greater than the short-term air pressure arises, one gets positive values. Is the pressure more small than the air pressure, one gets negative values. Relative pressure-gauges have only a pressure connection, but they always measure the pressure with reference to the surrounding air. The reference for the zero-point is the current atmospheric pressure.



  • Standard
  • Heavy Duty
  • Special Applications
  • Higher Corrosion Resistance
  • High Pressure
  • Precision Gauges
  • Digital Pressure Gauges with data logging

Absolute Pressure Gauges:

Absolute pressure gauges have only one pressure connection and measure always with respect to the absolute vacuum. They are always used when,  particularly with measurement of low pressure or vacuum,  influence from atmospheric air pressure fluctuations which could falsify measurements has to be ruled out.  The design and materials are selected to allow the instruments to satisfy the stringent demands of the chemical industry. They are used with aggressive media (fluids) and/or in aggressive environments.


These pressure gauges come with :

  • Diaphragm
  • Without Electrical Alarm Contacts
  • With Electrical Alarm Contacts

Differential Pressure Gauges:

When differential pressure gauge the difference between two pressures is directly detected and displayed. All known measuring elements and measuring principles of the overpressure pressure gauges can be used.


Standard Differential Pressure

At differential pressure gauges rotate two independent bourdon tube pressure elements around the same central axis, and show the pressures separated to an outer dial to another. They are for liquid or gaseous media suitable which not crystallize nor are highly viscous. They are used everywhere, where the resulting differential pressure to be displayed simultaneously.


These gauges come with:

  • Bourdon Tube, with Parallel-Plug
  • Bourdon Tube, with Fork-Plug
  • Compression Spring, with or without Micro switch.

Higher Corrosion Resistance

The use of high quality materials such as stainless steel makes the measuring system and the housing of the differential pressure gauges with higher corrosion resistance resistant against chemically aggressive media and ambient.  In contrast to the Bourdon tube pressure differential devices, a membrane system is pressurized with different pressures, whereby a value who is displayed, which arose from the upstream and downstream pressure difference.


 These gauges come with:

  • Bourdon Tube, with Parallel-Plug, filled or unfilled
  • With Diaphragm for High Working Pressures
  • With Diaphragm, Welded Version, with or without Contact
  • With Magnetic Piston and Compression Spring, with or without contact


Mining Pressure Gauges



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