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Additel’s Advanced Digital Pressure Gauges and Calibrators

Introducing Additel’s new range of Advanced Digital Pressure Gauges and Calibrators. 

  • ADT685: Advanced Digital Pressure Gauge with ATEX intrinsically safe option (ADT685Ex) -Provide a unique and modern customer experience with Range up to 60,000 psi (4,200 bar)
  •  ADT686: Advanced Digital Pressure Gauge – Our most user-friendly gauge available providing a smartphone like experience and wireless connectivity with ranges up to 60,000 psi (4,200 bar)
  • ADT673: Advanced Digital Pressure Calibrator Our most user-friendly calibrator providing Smartphone like experience coupled with the ability to simultaneously measure pressure and a transmitter or switch for pressures up to 60,000 psi (4,200 bar)
  • Touchscreen capacitive display
    • ADT685 – Black and White
    • ADT686 and ADT673 – Colour
  • Easy to navigate menus – All commonly accessed menu functions available on first touch.
  • Bluetooth and USB communications standard with each model
  • Wi-Fi optional for ADT686 and ADT673
  • Durable and tough display with tempered glass screen protector

You really need to see it to believe it – Watch the YouTube Video

Additel Pressure Gauge Selection Guide:

Pressure Ranges±1 in H2O to 60Kpsi±2.5 mbar to 4200 bar±1 in H2O to 60Kpsi±2.5 mbar to 4200 bar±1 in H2O to 60Kpsi±2.5 mbar to 4200 bar
Accuracy (most ranges)0.02, 0.05, 0.1 & 0.2%FS, 0.1%RD0.02, 0.05% FS, 0.1%RD0.02, 0.05%FS, 0.1%RD
DisplayFixed segment displayMonochrome touchscreenColour touchscreen
DataloggingOptional (21K reading)Optional (10M readings)Optional, Graphical (100m rdgs)
ATEX RatingADT681IS – Zone 0 ADT685Ex – Zone 0None
IP67IP67 for 681IS onlyIP67 for all modelsIP67 for all models
4-20mA OutputNoneOptionalNone
Built-in-BarometerNoneStandard (Gauge/Absolute switchable)Standard (Gauge/Absolute switchable)

Additel Pressure Calibrator Selection Guide

Pressure Ranges±1 in H2O to 60Kpsi±2.5 mbar to 4200 bar±1 in H2O to 60Kpsi±2.5 mbar to 4200 bar
Accuracy (most ranges)0.02 & 0.05%FS0.02, 0.05% FS & 0.1%RD
DisplayFixed segment displayColour touchscreen
Datalogging30 files, 40 records per file+100M readings, graphical display
IP67NoneIP67 for all models
HART CommunicationsYes, but difficult to useYes, easy to use
HART CommunicatorNoneYes, Full Communicator
Stability indicatorNoneYes
Built-in-BarometerNoneStandard (Gauge/Absolute switchable)

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