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Mining and Ground Consolidation Equipment

MAXIMATOR Australia has a full range of products for the Mining & Ground Consolidation industries from Polyurethane, Epoxy or Silicate PU injection pumps, Resin Injection Packers, Feeder pipes for Polyurethane injection, Concrete Hydraulic Injection Packers & accessories for the DP 40 to mining ball valves, adapters, and bourdon tube pressure gauges.


MAXIMATOR Australia has a full range products for Mining and Ground Consolidation equipment:

** The pneumatic piston pumps (PU) or Pneumatic gar pumps (PGP) – Click on the pumps for more details.

Advantages include:

The Pneumatic Piston Pumps (PU) Pneumatic Gear Pumps (PGP)
Robust Technology Generates high flowrates
Very easy and safe handling Pulse Free Material Flow
High pressures up to 200 bar or more

Accessories for the Injection pumps, including: Resin Injection Feeder Pipes, BVS Resin Injection Packers, Hydraulic concrete Injection Packers, Mechanical Resin Injection packers, Borehole seals, Polyurethane injection feeder pipes, IRMA injection tube with bolting effect and mixing spirals for the DP40 pumps.

Mining Ball Valves: A complete range of high quality Germany manufactured Staple lock, Super staple lock, Super Steco, Rapaid and Super Rapid style, locking handles, lever handles, NPT ported, BSPP ported, special design or custom designed.

Mining Ball Valves

Stecko, Staple and Rapid Lock

2 to 4 Way Mining Ball Valves

Mining Check Valves

Stecko, Rapid, Staple Lock

DN10-DN 50 500 Bar

Customised Ball Valves

for mining applications

Click on the valves for more information & Data sheets or contact us

Maximator stocks a wide range of stainless-steel bourdon tube pressure gauges to measure medium to high pressures. Our pressure range extends to 10,000 bar.

Mining Pressure Gauges

Mining bourdon tube pressure gauge with DN10 Stecko Connector.

MPG-100 D Pressure Gauge 400 – 4000 bar Bottom Mount

Panel Mount

MPG-160 P Pressure Gauge 400 to 10,000 bar Bottom Mount

Panel Mount