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Ball and Needle Valves


Stewart-Buchanan Pressure Instruments and Control Valves.

Gauges:- Pressure and Temperature Gauges for the optimal solution and the widest range of applications. Measuring systems are available in bourdon tube, diaphragm element, and capsule element technologies.

Valves and Control Valves:- Stewarts manufactures a wide range of precision-engineered high-quality valves and manifolds including High-pressure needle and ball valves, Needle valve and ball valve manifolds, Distribution manifolds and instrumentation, Mon flanges & OS&Y Mon flanges, Double Block & Bleed Valves, Injection Valves, Sampling Valves, and Panel & Instrument assemblies/enclosures.

Other specialised products and services are available on request.

Sub Categories

The Stewarts range of flanged manifolds have been developed to reduce installation time and set up costs, reduce the space and number of components required for a multi valve configuration.

Offered in 6,000 and 10,000 PSI and from 9.5mm to 19mm diameter bore these valves are recommended for use in oil, gas and petrochemical applications where reliable long-term performance is essential.