Maximator Australia - Solution Engineering

Maximator Australia designs and manufactures customer specific solutions specialising in hydraulic systems, chemical injection skids, hose test benches. All Gas Boosters, Air Amplifiers and Air Driven High Pressure Liquid Pumps can be offered in a system that suits your requirements.

MAXIMATOR's Dual GX Chemical injection skid with liftiing lugs featuring MAXIMATOR's GX Chemical Injection Pump
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Hydrogen Refueling System and Hydrogen Components

Maximator – Experts in Hydrogen Technology for over 20 Years.

We specialise in Hydraulic Systems that are designed and manufactured to suit. These systems include:

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Chemical Injection Systems

Maximator custom manufactures chemical injection systems for on and offshore applications for the Oil and Gas industry.

Maximator’s high pressure chemical injection pumps are perfect for our chemical injections systems as they are designed especially for chemical services applications. Our Chemical injection pumps include the MSF, GSF and GX series with pressures to 1,450 bar (21,025 psi).

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Hose Test Stations

Maximator has a range of high pressure test equipment for a varitety of customers in different fields. Hose test benches, and hose test cabinets are engineered to customer specific pressures and features as seen below.

  • Test hoses 7000 bar or more
  • Custom Designed: Stationary and Mobile units
  • Palletised hose testing
  • Data Logging and Data Management system
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Customer Specific Design and Manufacture

We offer many years of combined experience and have the team that can take your idea or concept to fruition.

  • System Design
  • Manufacture
  • Testing
  • Commissioning

Contact us for more information or let us size and design a system to suit your requirements.