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Air Actuated H2 Valve

Maximator Air Actuated Hydrogen Needle Valve

Air operated needle valve for the control of the opening and shut-off sequences of the accumulators (banks) and the dispensers. Available in normally closed and normally open configuration in order to align with the fail-safe concept of the filling station. Materials of construction are chosen with regards to hydrogen embrittlement, corrosion resistance and durability. Low temperature version with elevated air actuator enables the use on the valve in the cold dispenser environment. The valve is equipped with a mechanical position indication pin which for easy on-site maintenance. The valve is compliant with the CE Ex II 2G/2D IIC regulations

Intermediate H2 Air Actuated Needle Valve 
Air Actuated H2 Valve

Compact H2 Air Actuated Needle Valve
Air Actuated Compact H2 Valve

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