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Further development: 2400 bar booster reaches the maximum pressure with reduced gas inlet pressure

Maximator DLE3 Series High Pressure Air Driven Gas Booster

The Maximator ultra-high pressure booster for up to 2,400 bar has been redesigned with the goal of reducing both the needed air drive pressure and the gas inlet pressure to reach 2,400 bar.

As part of the further development, the booster has been equipped with an additional air drive section and thus reaches an operating pressure of 2,400 bars with an air drive pressure of 8 bar instead of the previous 10 bar.

Furthermore the optionally available inter-stage gas coolers for Maximator boosters have also been redesigned for the modified version of the DLE30-75-3-36. Please download the revised technical data sheet for further information

Download: Technical Data Sheet DLE30-75-3-36