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H2 Series Regulators Product Brochure

Premier 3000 Series High Pressure Reducing Regulator

Premier H2 Series regulators and valves are optimised for use in hydrogen applications. Maximator Australia is a distributor for Premier Regulators in Australia. All regulators and valves are manufactured and tested to meet rigid industry specifications while keeping in mind the distinct needs and expectations of the customer. These H2 regulators are designed with the purpose of providing maximum flexibility and compatibility to meet the unique needs of your hydrogen application. 

  • Hydrogen regulators suited for pressure ranges from vacuum to 15,000 PSIG
  • Optional integrated inlet filters to extend service life on pressure reducing regulators with Cv ≤ 0.20.
  • Machined bar stock bodies reduce porosity found in castings.
  •  A wide selection of regulators with 316 stainless steel and SAE 360 brass bodies.
  • Captured venting and non-venting designs.
  • A variety of mounting options to integrate seamlessly into your desired application: surface mounting, panel nuts, panel mounting brackets etc.
  • Optional laminar flow clean bench assembly, testing, and packaging.
  • Dome and air-loaded regulators for use with electro-pneumatic controllers for precision and automation.
  • Optional laser etched parts.
  • Optional material certifications.

Contact us if you require a regulator for a particular hydrogen application and we will be able to help you find the perfect regulator to suit your application.

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Premier 3000 Series High Pressure Reducing Regulator