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High Pressure Range Extended

Additel ADT949 Hydraulic Pressure Test Pump with ADT681 Digital Pressure Gauge

Additel has extended the range of its Digital Pressure Gauge and Digital Pressure Calibrator series products to 40K psi (2800 bar).

Prior to this range extension, Additel offered solutions up to 36K psi (2500 bar). This new pressure range is available on the ADT681, ADT680, and ADT672 products.

The 40K psi pressure range is also now available for the ADT949 Hydraulic Pressure Pumps. 

We’ve also increased the pressure range of our ADT123 manifold to go to 15K psi (1000 bar).

Lastly, we are introducing new Test Hose Kits which go to 15K psi (1000 bar). 

Please check the Digital Gauges/Calibration Equipment page of our web site for updated data sheets.

Additel Digital Pressure Gauges and Calibration Equipment