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MAXIMATOR introduces further developments to its series of pressure switches

Maximator Air Pilot Switch with Pneumatic Signal

Maximator pressure switches are designed to switch a pneumatic signal and are used for automation tasks in a number of high-pressure applications. One typical application in connection with Maximator gas boosters is monitoring the inlet pressure and outlet pressure of the process gas. For multiple stage booster stations, the pressure switches are used to switch the individual stages on and off for example.

The following technical changes have been implemented:

  • Mufflers for reduced emissions
  • Improved contact protection for better safety
  • Use of high strength aluminium to improve pressure resistance
  • Socket screws for improved maintenance-friendliness
  • Declaration of Conformity available as standard

Alongside technical changes, the product range has also been supplemented with more versions. This means the pressure switches are now also available as stainless steel versions (SS mark) as well as with a 4M high-pressure connection.

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