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New: MAXIMATOR high pressure regulator for gases and liquids

Maximator Pressure Regulator for Gas and Liquid Service

Maximator GmbH is extending its accessories programme with high pressure regulators for universal use in hydraulic and gas applications of up to 1,350 bar.

All regulators are equipped with encapsulated, pressure-resistant self-venting, ensuring the recirculation of critical fluids.

The pressure regulators for hydraulic applications are equipped with valve seats of 17-4 PH stainless steel – for gas applications, with valve seats of Vespel.

An integrated 40µm filter (only for gas applications) prevents the penetration of critical contamination and thus ensures high reliability.

All pressure regulators are standardly equipped with two gauge connections and are suitable for use in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX).

Download: Technical Data Sheet Maximator Pressure Regulator