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X-Tower Gas Compression – Designed for Hydrogen

With the new X-TOWER technology we are proud to offer an efficient way of Hydrogen compression. The X-TOWER solution is based on our EHB Series (Electrohydraulic Booster) with all the advantages of efficiency and flexibility.

A standard configuration up to 900 bar consists of one Master-Module (control module) and up to three X-Modules (gas booster modules).

  • First Stage – Pressures to 300 bar
  • Second Stage – Pressures to 600 bar
  • Final Stage – Pressures to 900 bar

This configuration will provide a gas outlet of 10 kg of Hydrogen per hour. For higher outlet capacities more modules can be easily connected.

Special Features of our Systems are:

  • Safety
  • Efficiency
  • Flexibility

For more information contact us or check out our product page:

The Brochure can also be downloaded HERE