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Digital Pressure Gauges

ADT685, ADT686 and ADT673 Advanced Pressure Gauges and Calibrators along with ADT680, ADT681 and ADT672 series Digital Pressure Gauges and Calibrators. Suitable for pressures to 4,200 bar (60,000 psi) provide an accurate and reliable solution for a variety of applications and pressures. We specialise in local technical support customised solutions.


The Additel range of digital pressure gauges suitable for pressures to 4,200 bar (60,000 psi)

While the industries that use digital pressure test gauges have evolved, the need for durable, insightful, and highly functional equipment remains strong. Additel have built their digital pressure test gauges with environmental accuracy and performance flexibility in mind. Whether you are dealing with hotter or colder ambient temperatures in your line of work, the digital pressure test gauges are entirely temperature compensated—from 14° Fahrenheit to 122° Fahrenheit (-10°C to 50°C). High-pressure measurements to low inches of water measurements are equally covered, as well as vacuum and positive pressure. Additel also offers panel mounting equipment, so you can position your pressure gauge exactly where it is needed.

MAXIMATOR specialises in supporting your business further by offering the following:

  • Customised programing
  • Customised reports
  • Local Technical support
  • NATA Test Certificates
  • Customised calibration packages