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Bottle Mount

Maximator Bottle Mount Boosters can be manufactured in varying pressure ratings to suit your application.



  • Easy Handling
  • Mobile
  • Optimised gas consumption
  • Gas compression of up to 750 bar
  • Reduction of Nitrogen consumption


The design and easy handling of the Maximator Nitrogen charging stations with the special brackets can be mounted directly on the gas supply bottle makes them the most efficient way of filling hydraulic accumulators.


Applications for Hydraulic Accumulators include:

  • Industrial - Machine Tools
  • Energy - Wind Turbines
  • Oil & Gas - Wellhead Control

As an alternative to the use of compressed air the Maximator Nitrogen Charging Stations can be driven directly from the nitrogen bottle supply. This means you do not need any additional driving energy and the charging station becomes highly mobile.


Even the gas consumption for the operation of the compressor is optimised in two ways. By means of a bypass line, the available cylinder pressure is used. The Maximator Gas Booster only operates when the accumulator is filled up to the pressure level of the Nitrogen supply bottle. When the Gas Booster is operated the drive gas is required only for the pressure stroke, the suction stroke is performed by the gas pressure from the nitrogen cylinder thus reducing nitrogen consumption during the charging process.


The Nitrogen charging stations that Maximator offers are a remarkable solution. The Maximator Gas Boosters will take gas pressures from the nitrogen bottles and compress it up to 750 bar and in this way more the 90% of the bottle contents are used.

Nitrogen Charging Stations