Speciality Hydraulic Systems

Wellhead Control Panels

Reliable control of the valves

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Wellheads are equipped with fail-to-safe safety valves, whose design varies depending on the system. Standard features include a Surface Safety Valve (SSV) and a Surface Controlled Subsurface Safety Valve (SCSSV) for the process control and safety shutdown. These safety valves are controlled via the Surface Control Panels – and in an emergency, the Emergency Shutdown Panels assume the control function.


Expand functions modularly - depending on the application 

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The hydraulic functions can be combined for the sequential closing in compact units via the modular Maximator Surface Control Panels. Our innovative series comprising three modules allows control functions to be adapted easily. A hydraulic manifold block acts as a basic module via which the communication with the Emergency Shutdown Panels (ESD solenoid valve can be added optionally) and the control unit of the SSV is realised. It also has a pressure switch for monitoring the pressure, pressure accumulation and measuring instruments, compressed air and manual operated low-pressure and high-pressure pumps as well as a hydraulic tank. Additional control systems can be integrated: with a second module for further SSVs and a third module for a SCSSV up to 10,000 psi. 


The Surface Control Panels made of high-quality 316 steel in a sturdy block design have impressed many of our customers across the world. The durable and reliable equipment can be operated easily due to the logical design of the modules. Maximator high-pressure pumps offer a real added value as they can be operated manually or with compressed air, thereby allowing automation. 

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Performance of our Standard Surface Panels


  • Standard Surface Panels for up to three hydraulic functions
  • Maximum operating pressure: 5,000 psi for SSV and 10,000 psi for SCSSV
  • Hydraulic interlocks to ensure correct opening and closing sequences
  • Manifold Block design reduces potential leak areas and the quantity of fittings
  • Modular design allows simple extension and interchangeability of the control panel from 1 to maximum 3 hydraulic functions
  • High-pressure pumps can be operated both manually and also automatically via compressed air
  • Stainless steel frame (316SS) for extreme ambient conditions
  • Stand or actuator mounted 
Wellhead Control Panels
Technical Data

Control Pressure SSVs  max. 5000 psi (350 bar) 
Control Pressure SCSSV  max. 10000 psi (690 bar) 
Accumulators (Bladder Type)  max. 2 pcs. 1 L/330 bar and 1 L/690 bar 
Enclosure  SS 316 L 
Manifold Block, Fittings and Tubings  SS 316 L
ESD Protection  In built, fail safe 
Temperature  -32°C to +80°C 
Weight  approx. 200 kg 
Dimension (W/D/H)  700 / 500 / 1780 mm