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Flexdrive – Drive modification for efficient filling process

The Flexdrive is a conversion kit developed by Maximator to reduce the air consumption of high pressure compressors.

About 80% of the Maximator applications in the gas industry deal with filling and transferring processes. The compressibility of the gases causes and increasing expenditure of force to generate pressure. This means that the transmission ratio determines the ultimate pressure. With 2 drive parts, only a low drive pressure can be compensated, whereby the greatest possible force is only required later in the process. This is where Flexdrive comes in. It combines the low air consumption at the beginning of the process with the force required at the end.

Benefits Include:

  • Up to 40% savings of shop air
  • Up to 20% time savings
  • Easy to modify existing units


The modification is applicable for all MAXIMATOR gas boosters with 2 air drive sections. The following applications are most common:

  • When transferring or filling gaseous fluids into a container, for example a pressurised gas container
  • In the supply of internal gas pressure systems
  • In the supply of test and control units for compressed air and gases
  • In systems for filling airbag gas containers
  • At test stands for pressure tests

DLE…-2-FLEX Options:

  • Manual – switching style via manual hand valves after reaching stall pressure
  • Pneumatic – switching done by pneumatic actuated valves and a pressure switch
  •  Electric – switching done by solenoid valves, pressure transducer and master PLC

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