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Maximator – Experts In Hydrogen for over 20 Years

Hydrogen Refueling Station – For Truck/Bus/Cars ->350/700 bar

Maximator GmbH Supplies Hydrogen Filling Station for AVIA in St. Gallen

With the commissioning of the first hydrogen filling station, AVIA is taking an important step towards sustainable mobility. The compression and refueling technology is manufactured by from Maximator GmbH in Nordhausen Germany.

System Engineering: 

A refueling system basically consists of the supply unit (electrolysis, storage), a high pressure compressor, high pressure storage, a refrigeration system and the gas pump (dispenser). High pressure compressors and accumulators are housed in a container. The other parts of the system are designed as stand-alone units.

The hydrogen can be delivered in gaseous form and stored on site or produced directly at the gas station using electrolysis. 

Modular Hydrogen Technology from Maximator

Maximator GmbH already supplied gas compressors and valve technology for the first hydrogen filing station in Germany in 2006. Due to the high demand and interest in the use of hydrogen as an energy source for sustainable mobility, Maximator has made Hydrogen a key focus of the company since 2007.

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