Chemical Injection Systems

GX Chemical Injection Systems

The MAXIMATOR GX Series Chemical Injection Systems are trolley based or skid based systems. These systems can be engineered and customised to suit your individual requirements, featuring:


  • Maximator GX Series Pumps
  • High Flow rates
  • Adjustable pressures
  • Stainless Steel construction

The MAXIMATOR GX series pumps have been designed specifically for chemical applications with pressures up to 14,500 psi (1,000 bar) mean that they are perfect for use in our chemical injection skids. Other features include:


  • Robust construction
  • Stainless steel wetted parts
  • High resistance to corrosion air drive section
  • All GX series pumps are suitable for use in zone 1, category 2G/2D IIC TX explosion-proof areas (temperature class depending on medium temperature.


Contact us for more information or let us size and design a system to suit your requirements



The Maximator Single GX pump chemical injection trolley system



The Maximator Dual GX Chemical injection trolley system


The Maximator Dual GX Chemical injection skids with lifting lugs


GX Chemical Injection Systems